Rachel and Colton spring formals, Classy and timeless. The Utah State Capitol is perfect for Spring Formals in Salt Lake city.  For Spring formals in Utah this place is so pretty. I am obsessed with the rows and rows of blossoms that circle the capitol. It is very special and is only around for a couple weeks a year. We got very lucky during their shoot. It was supposed to rain so we started inside the Capitol first. By the time we were done shooting there we headed outside. The rain had stopped and it was overcast during the rest of the shoot. Thank goodness the weather was on our side.

When Rachel showed up in her dress I was speechless and I know Colton felt the same way. She looked absolutely stunning. So classy and so so beautiful. Her bouquet was a perfect touch to the whole look. There isn’t a dress out there that was more perfect then this one for Rachel.  

  I will always remember their first look. Colton had is breath taken away for sure. He was shocked with how beautiful Rachel looked. I also loved how we shot the first look. The stairs at the Capitol were made for this type of thing.  

    If you have never been to the Capitol when the blossoms are in bloom you have to go! It is usually very packed because the whole state of Utah has to see it while they are bloom. Ok maybe not the whole state, but it sure feels like it. The whole capitol has a path you can walk around the building and every tree that lines the path has blossoms on it. Definitely magical for pictures. We got so lucky with their shoot and because it was supposed to rain no one showed up to walk around the path. So we had the whole place to ourselves. Made for some magical pictures. 

  Once we were done there we headed to the Salt Lake temple. I love doing formals at the temple before the wedding day. It allows us to get beautiful light and not feel rushed. That way on the wedding day we can just enjoy the day and spend more time with family. 

I can’t wait to share with all of you their beautiful wedding. It was filled with so much elegance and lots of flowers. A greenhouse for a reception center, and beautiful bridesmaids dresses. You won’t want to miss it. 

Dress: The Perfect Dress Bridal

Flowers:The Rose Shop

Rachel and Colton formals_0837.jpg
Rachel and Colton formals_0838.jpg
Rachel and Colton formals_0839.jpg
Rachel and Colton formals_0840.jpg
Rachel and Colton formals_0841.jpg
Rachel and Colton formals_0842.jpg
Rachel and Colton formals_0843.jpg
Rachel and Colton formals_0844.jpg
Rachel and Colton formals_0845.jpg
Rachel and Colton formals_0846.jpg
Rachel and Colton formals_0850.jpg
Rachel and Colton formals_0847.jpg
Rachel and Colton formals_0851.jpg
Rachel and Colton formals_0852.jpg
Rachel and Colton formals_0853.jpg
Rachel and Colton formals_0854.jpg
Rachel and Colton formals_0855.jpg
Rachel and Colton formals_0856.jpg
Rachel and Colton formals_0857.jpg
Rachel and Colton formals_0858.jpg
Rachel and Colton formals_0859.jpg
Rachel and Colton formals_0860.jpg
Rachel and Colton formals_0861.jpg
Rachel and Colton formals_0862.jpg
Rachel and Colton formals_0865.jpg
Rachel and Colton formals_0864.jpg
Rachel and Colton formals_0866.jpg
Rachel and Colton formals_0863.jpg

Rachel And Colton Spring Formals | Spring Salt Lake City

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